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Caring For Your Pet

• Beak and feather disease – Department of Environment and Heritage (Aust)

• Dog heartworm – Department of Medical Entomology (NSW)

• Dog Walking & Dog Minding Services – Pawsitive Dogwalks (Vic)

• Home page – (US)

• Home page – Personalized pet care (index of problems – The Animal Clinic of Clifton (US)

• Home page – RSPCA (Aust)

• Welcome to birds – (US)

• Welcome to cats – (US)

• Welcome to fish – (US)

Choosing a Pet

• Choosing a dog – The Waltham Foundation (UK)

• Choosing the ‘right’ type of dog for you – (US)

• Home page – Australian Dog Sites on the Net (Aust)

• Internet Library – (Aust)

• Your pet and you – (UK)

Holidaying With Your Pet

• Home page – Pets Playground (Aust)

• Pet friendly holiday accommodation – Take a Break (Aust)

House Sitters

• Home page – Happy at Home Pet Care (Aust)

Training Your Dog

• Home page – BarkBusters (Aust)

• Home page – Command Dog Training School (Aust)

• Home page – (US)

Wildlife Issues

• Home page – Australian Koala Foundation (Aust)

• Native animal fact sheet – NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NSW)

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