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Legal Issues

• Legal Aid (Qld)

• Power of Attorney – Office of Senior Victorians

• Red Tape Busters (Aust)

Memorial and Funeral Services

• Queensland Funeral Directors’ Association (Qld)

• The Australian book of memories – National Trust (Aust)

Retirement Issues

• About Seniors (Aust)

• Australian Pensioners and Superannuants League Qld Inc (Qld)

• Crisis or special help – Centrelink (Aust)

• Help after a death – Centrelink (Aust)

• Retirement – Centrelink (Aust)

• TriCare (Aust)

Retirement Villages

• It’s Your Life (Qld)

• Our Services – Aged Care – The Salvation Army (Aust)

• The Australian Aged Care Guide – (Aust)

Useful Links for Retirement Information

• Links – Centrelink – Australian Government

• Links – Older women aged and community care – Women Tasmania

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