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Adult Learning

• Adult Learning Course Guide – WEA South Australia

• Education Network Australia (EdNA Online) – (Aust)

• Greypath Lyceum Education (Aust)

• Learning Circles Australia

• University of the 3rd Age – U3A (Aust)

Computer Clubs

• Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Associations (Aust)

Links to learning websites

• Activities – Resources for Older Women – Women Tasmania

• Adult Learning Australia Inc (Aust)

• Older people adult learning (OPAL) – Adult Learning Australia Inc (Aust)

• Planning an active retirement – Office of Senior Interests (WA)

Public Libraries

• Eastern Region Libraries (Vic)

• Seniors’ information Gateway – Public library resources and services for Seniors – LISWA (WA)

Science Versus Pseudoscience – Research

• Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (US)

• James Randi Education Foundation (US)

• Pseudoscience research – Stout Science Program for Educators (US)

• Scientific study of UFO’s – University of Colorado (US)

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