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OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES (under construction)

Activities for Seniors

• Activities – Centre for Physical Activity in Ageing (SA)

• Australian Retired Persons Association (SA) Inc

• Recreation for older Australians – Active Ageing SA Inc (SA)

• Walking SA

• What’s on where for women – YMCA (SA)

Car Clubs

• Automotive – Clubs and Organizations (Aust) – Yahoo (US)

• Autopages – Automotive Clubs (Aust)

• Car clubs – All types –Car Clubs (Aust)

• Car clubs – Association of Motoring Cars Inc (Vic)

• Car clubs and associations – Autoseek (UK)

• Car Club Worldwide (US)

• Cars On Line (Aust)

• Classic car directory – Clubs – Classic Car Directory (Aust)

• Makes and Models – Google Directory (US)

Motorbike Clubs

• Motorbike links – Draggin’ Jeans (Aust)

• Motorcycles – Clubs and organizations – Yahoo (Aust & NZ)

• Outback Motorbike Adventures (Aust)

• Ulysses Club Inc (Aust)


• Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia

Four Wheel Drive Clubs

• Australian National Four Wheel Drive Council (Aust)

• Clubs – 4WD World (Aust)

• Four Wheel Drive – Clubs and Organizations (Aust) – Yahoo (US)

• Tread Lightly! Australia

• Off road driving links – About (US)

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