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Computer Clubs

• Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Associations (Aust)

Current Affairs

• Fairfax Digital – Your Opinion (Aust)

• Greypath National Ageing Issues Think Tank (Aust)

• National Seniors Branches – Online (Aust)

Hobbies and Interests

• Australian dancing guide – Australian Community Guide (Aust)

• Ballroom Dancing Australia

• Events Calendar – The Arts and Crafts Society (US)

• Hobbies – Eastern Region Libraries (Vic)

• Our Time Now (Aust)

• Senior hobbies and interests – About Seniors (Aust)

• School Friends (Aust)

• The Trading Post (Aust)

• Writing workshops – Jan Cornall (Aust)


• Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies Inc (Aust)

• Cyndi’s list of Genealogy (US)

• Genealogy – About Seniors (Aust)


• Music Acoustics – University of NSW

Puzzles and Games

• (US)

• Creative Jigsaw Puzzles (US)

• Number and Word Puzzles (US)

• Other good stuff – Suddenly Senior (US)

• (US)

• Senior’s Recreational Council of WA

Science Versus Pseudoscience Research

• Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (US)

• James Randi Education Foundation (US)

• Pseudoscience research – Stout Science Program for Educators (US)

• Ratbagsdotcom (Aust)

• Scientific study of UFO’s – University of Colorado (US)

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